Facts, figures and insights from 250,000 hard drives

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Wednesday, September 29, 2021
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For the last eight years Backblaze has collected daily operational data from the hard drives in our data centers. This includes daily SMART statistics from over 250,000 hard drives, and SSDs, totaling nearly two exabytes of storage, and totaling over 200 million data points. We'll use this data to examine the following: - the lifetime failure statistics for all the hard drives we have ever used. - how has temperature effects the failure rate of hard drives. - a comparison the failure rates of helium filled hard drives versus air-filled hard drives. - the SMART stats we use to indicate whether a Hard Drive may fail and if you can use SMART stats to predict hard drive failure. - how SSD failure rates compare to HDD failure rates. The data we use is available for anyone to download and use for their own experimentation and education.

  • How have the hard drives we have under management performed over time.
  • How you can use SMART stats at scale to determine patterns in hard drive behavior.
  • A look at real word data comparing the failure rates of HDD and SSD devices.
  • How anyone can download and use the data set we have collected.

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