Four Top Use Cases for Big Memory Today and Tomorrow

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Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Big memory computing consists of DRAM, persistent memory, and big memory software like Memory Machine from MemVerge, all working together in a new class of software-defined memory. During the first year since MemVerge unveiled big memory in May of 2020, four strong use cases emerged: 1) in-memory databases, 2) cloud infrastructure, 3) animation and VFX, and 4) genomics. All share a critical need for composable memory with capacity, performance, availability, mobility, and security that can be tailored for the app. They are also demanding memory infrastructure with the capacity to handle massive data sets and avoid the performance hit of IO to storage. In this session, Dr. Charles Fan will provide a detailed overview of the memory-related problems for each use case and how big memory addressed each challenge. He will also briefly review four uses expected to emerge in the future.

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