Implementing SMB Direct for the Linux SMB Client

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017
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Remote file systems involve a large amount of client-server round trip packet exchanges for I/O requests, the network latency and the efficiency of transport layer is important to the performance. RDMA can provide lower latency and at the same time allow the file system control how the send/receive buffers are allocated and reduce overhead of I/O buffer copies. When implemented in the protocol, it is also possible for the file system to do a more precise flow control to manage data congestion. Microsoft designed SMB Direct for the SMB3 protocol to take advantage of RDMA networks in a remote file system. SMB is used by Windows file servers and Linux Samba servers to provide remote file services. In this talk we will look at how we implement SMB Direct for the Linux client, performing remote access to RDMA-enabled Microsoft SMB3 servers.

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