IoT - Implications to storage architecture

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Friday, July 13, 2018
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Internet of Things is enabling traditional and newer operational workflows to be digitized for continuous measurement. The measured data is useful in predicting the operational failures/inefficiencies and take actions before they occur. The aggregation of measured data from millions of devices is overwhelming the public network bandwidth. Also, there are privacy and data sovereignty concerns as far as data on the move is concerned. Thus, most of the IoT platforms (Hyperscalers) offer edge (device side) footprint and enable data services at the edge that were available only in cloud few years back. The edge reduces the latency and provides local analytics for quicker actions. In this talk, we present the implications on storage architecture as IoT data pipelines keep evolving from client server to distributed architecture to cater millions of devices; geographically spread. Also we discuss how data latency, privacy, sovereignty and need for governing massive amounts of data are driving the newer storage constructs.

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