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Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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The NVMe Key Value (NVMe-KV) Command Set has been standardized as one of the new I/O Command Sets that NVMe Supports. Additionally, SNIA has standardized a Key Value API that works with the NVMe Key Value allows access to data on a storage device using a key rather than a block address. The NVMe-KV Command Set provides the key to store a corresponding value on non-volatile media, then retrieves that value from the media by specifying the corresponding key. Key Value allows users to access key-value data without the costly and time-consuming overhead of additional translation tables between keys and logical blocks. This presentation will discuss the benefits of Key Value storage, present the major features of the NVMe-KV Command Set and how it interacts with the NVMe standards, and present open source work that is available to take advantage of Key Value storage.

Learning Objectives

Present the standardization of SNIA KV API,Present the standardization of NVMe Key Value Command Set,Present the benefits of Key Valeu in computational storage,Present open source work on Key Value Storage

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