The Long & Winding Road to Persistent Memories

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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Persistent Memory is getting a lot of attention. SNIA has released a programming standard, NVDIMM makers, with the help of JEDEC, have created standardized hardware to develop & test PM, and chip makers continue to promote upcoming devices, although few are currently available. In this talk two industry analysts, Jim Handy & Tom Coughlin, will provide the state of Persistent Memory and show a realistic roadmap of what the industry can expect to see and when they can expect to see it. The presentation, based on three critical reports covering New Memory Technologies, NVDIMMs, and Intel’s 3D XPoint Memory (also known as Optane) will illustrate the Persistent Memory market, the technologies that vie to play a role, and the critical economic obstacles that continue to impede these technologies’ progress. We will also explore how advanced logic process technologies are likely to cause persistent memories to become a standard ingredient in embedded applications, such as IoT nodes long before they make sense in servers. Learning Objectives: 1. What is the state of emerging memory technologies 2. What technologies will be used in future NVDIMMS 3. Emerging memory use in embedded and enterprise applications 4. What are the costs for making emerging memories