MarFS, Marchive, and GUFI - Long Term Storage Strategies at LANL

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Thursday, September 27, 2018
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This talk will provide an overview of scalable data management solutions in development and production at Los Alamos National Lab. The talk will target three primary efforts: MarFS, Marchive, and GUFI. MarFS is a near-POSIX scalable namespace over flexible data stores with a focus on data resiliency, metadata scalability, and IO shaping for efficient disk utilization. Marchive (MarFS archive) is a natural extension of the MarFS architecture for archival systems. The Grand Unified File Indexing (GUFI) System is a hybrid indexing capability using both file system trees and embedded SQL to enable a fast and efficient file metadata indexing system that can be used by both system administrators and users due to its unique approach to securing access to the index.

Learning Objectives:
1. MarFS design goals, architecture overview, and production experience
2. Marchive (MarFS archive) design goals, data protection scheme, and current status
3. GUFI (Grand Unified File Index) design, implementation, and usage

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