New Fresh Storage Approach for New IT Challenges

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Monday, June 13, 2016
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With a design started in 2006, OpenIO is a new flavor among the dynamic object storage market segment. Beyond Ceph and OpenStack Swift, OpenIO is the last coming player in that space. The product relies on an open source core object storage software with several object APIs, file sharing protocols and applications extensions. The inventors of the solution took a radical new approach to address large scale environment challenges. Among them, the product avoids any rebalance like consistent hashing based systems always trigger. The impact is immediate as new machines contribute immediately without any extra tasks that impact the platform service. OpenIO also introduces the Conscience, an intelligent data placement service, that optimizes the location of the data based on various criteria such nodes workload, storage space… OpenIO is fully hardware agnostic, running on commodity x86 servers promoting a total independence.

Learning Objectives

Understand object storage design
Learn the limitation of classic approaches
Investigate new method to build an design very large scale storage system