Object Storage: Trends, Use Cases

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Tuesday, November 16, 2021
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Storing objects has become commonplace. Object storage provides bulk and undifferentiated storage for unstructured data like photos, video & audio, DNA sequences, files, backups, and it can even protect against ransomware. Object access is also simplified because there are no built-in hierarchies or filesystems of objects, and no devices to manage that look like disks.

So, what’s new? Object storage has traditionally been accomplished in the software stack and is now being accomplished directly on the media. In this presentation, we’ll highlight how this is happening and discuss:

  • Object storage characteristics
  • The differences and similarities between object and key value storage
  • Security options unique to object storage including ransomware mitigation
  • Why use object storage: Use cases and applications
  • Object storage and containers: Why Kubernetes’ COSI (Container Object Storage Interface)?

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