Optane performance analysis on Android

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Friday, May 24, 2019
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The presentation showcases the performance and benefits of the Intel Optane storage as an SSD in Android OS. We have done comprehensive analysis of the Optane storage advantages and how it can impact on the Android OS workloads. Our analysis is majorly based on the Optane used as a SSD in a M.2. Interface. 
We made a fair comparison with the Samsung 960 Pro SSD (which is the best NVMe based popular SSD), we have analyzed the performance in various conditions such as boot, file transfer, Data base performance, AI capabilities and also on imaging and graphics workloads.
Also we are giving the opportunities which can bring in with the adoption of Optane in Android space in terms of new features. The analysis data is very exciting and the cost vs performance matrix is also interesting.
Learning Outcomes
a. Performance impacts in Android OS storage space
b. Use cases & advantages of Optane in Android/Storage space
c. NVMe storage capabilities and its future expansion possibilities

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