Organic Redesign of Abstractions for Computational Storage Devices using CISCOps

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Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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To exploit the near-storage computational capability for fast I/O and data processing, consequently reducing I/O bottlenecks. By drawing inspiration from seminal CISC processor ISAs, we introduce a new abstraction, CISCOps for storage devices, that combines multiple I/O and data processing operations into one fused operation and offloaded for near-storage processing. By offloading, CISCOps significantly reduces dominant I/O overheads such as system calls, data movement, communication, and other software overheads. Further, to enhance the use of CISCOps, we introduce MicroTx for fine-grained crash consistency and fast (automatic) recovery of I/O and data processing operations. We also explore scheduling techniques to ensure fair and efficient use of in-storage compute and memory resources across tenants. Our evaluation of an emulated prototype against the state-of-the-art user-level and kernel-level file systems using microbenchmarks, macrobenchmarks, and real-world applications shows good performance gains. More details of this research can be found in our FAST '22 paper.

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