State of the Computational Storage Market - A Supplier's View

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Thursday, April 22, 2021
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When doing research on the topic of Computational Storage, there is a lot of content that continues to surface from both vendors and now more importantly the editors, authors of major outlets like EnterpriseAI and TechTarget. Even the Analysts, like IDC, 451 Research and most recently Gartner are getting into the mix. The goal of this conversation is to look at some of the industry conversations, showcase where current vendors are in deployments with use cases they have shared and see where the logical integration point will occur from a standardization (SNIA, NVMe, etc) and customer adoption to mass deployments. The Compute infrastructure as we know it is continuing to evolve, first with production and adoption of PM products, and not with the additional of Computational Storage solutions. But there is also a need to know what is right, wrong, deployable and cause for concern. A walk through the evolution of all these items will be portrayed and leave the attendee with a better understanding the market direction. Stay tuned and find out about all the Hype.

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