Stateful Applications in Kubernetes: Ready for Production

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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This session addresses the widespread misconception that Kubernetes isn’t ready for stateful applications. Historically, Kubernetes storage arrived late and stateful workloads were missing the equivalent platform primitives that enabled ease-of-use and flexibility with stateless applications. Not only has this been addressed, but we will show how Kubernetes can become the preferred platform for stateful applications because of its developer-first approach.

Attendees will walk away with a clear idea of:
* Support at every layer for building stateful cloud-native applications including the Container Storage Interface (CSI) and concepts such as StatefulSets
* How developers can effectively leverage Helm charts and use CRDs+Operators to manage applications at scale
* Knowledge of upcoming functionality (eg, LocalStorage) and how next-gen data stores (eg, CockroachDB) fit into cloud-native environments

Learning Objectives:
1. Kubernetes and Stateful Support
2. Upcoming technology changes such as Container Storage Interface and related Kubernetes concepts
3. New cloud-native architecture patterns

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