Workload Acquisition for the Enterprise Data Center

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016
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For years, IT architects have sought a way to ensure that an application will operate properly at scale on a particular storage array and network infrastructure. Increasingly, they need to ensure that multiple applications can safely run at peak loading on an All Flash or Hybrid infrastructure. The goal is to optimize the cost of storage deployments and to assure performance scalability once deployed in production.

Learning Objectives

How to determine what the I/O data traffic related to an enterprise application looks like from the perspective of the network infrastructure between application servers and storage arrays.
How the application I/O workload can be modeled to accurately represent the application in production by using storage analytics or vendor performance statistics to generate a synthetic workload model
How a statistical application model can be used to validate both array and network performance at varying traffic levels and rates to rapidly test “what if” scenarios.
How multiple application models can be combined to determine appropriate throughput, IOPS, and response time levels on a given array
How using these models can enable enterprises to cost-effectively test, confidently deploy, configure, maintain and troubleshoot networked storage infrastructure