SSSI Blogroll

Yes, blogroll is a real word - it says so in Wikipedia.  Following is a list of blogs that are dedicated to, or at least occasionally mention, SSDs.

SSD-Specific Blogs

  • SSSI's own SNIA on Solid State, focused on SSSI events and SSD performance
  • Member Jim Handy comments on the SSD industry in The SSD Guy
  • SSD Performance Blog from Percona, dedicated to SSD performance and MySQL
  • Micron Innovations Blog – SSSI member (and authority on silicon storage) discusses SSD technologies and trends
  • The Fusion-io blog, another SSSI member, talks about products and applications
  • STEC's blog Solid Talk discusses their products and general info about SSDs
  • SSD blog from ZDNet covers technology and product news
  • Crucial's SSD Database is not exactly a blog, but it is a collection of useful posts on SSDs
  • The Tech Blog from UK-based Future Storage covers a variey of SSD topics, including enterprise applications


General Storage Blogs


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