Geek Out: Computational Storage

Computational Storage – Start from the Beginning

Computational Storage is transforming enterprises worldwide. But how is it defined, where is it used, and is it part of future architectures? Learn all about Computational Storage from the industry experts in our new Geek Out series.

What Is Computational Storage?

This video emphasizes the need for common language and definition of computational storage terms, and discusses four distinct examples of computational storage deployments. It serves as a great introduction to the other videos that form the SNIA Computational Storage series: Computational Storage: Advantages of Reducing Data Movement, and Computational Storage: Edge Compute Deployment.

Computational Storage Architectures

Computational Storage Use Cases

Computational Storage Futures

Technical Work

The SNIA Computational Storage Architecture and Programming Model specification outlines the architectural models that are defined to be Computational Storage, specific Computational Storage Services, and a programming model for those architectures and services.  


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