Persistent Memory Programming Hackathon

The SNIA Persistent Memory Programming Hackathon program is underway with two successful events at the Persistent Memory Summit and at the Non-Volatile Memory Workshop at University of California San Diego!  Over 100 attendees have now participated.  SNIA is actively planning a continuing series of Hackathons in 2019, so bookmark this page for the latest information, sign up for the monthly SNIA Matters Newsletter, and learn more on the SNIA Solid State blog.

The PM Programming Hackathon Program is designed to help software developers understand the various tiers and modes of PM and what existing methods are available to access them.  Participants leave the Hackathon with a better understanding of how to use existing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to program Persistent Memory, as well as where further research and development might be of benefit. 

As a sponsor of the first PM Programming Hackathon, Google Cloud provided access to remote virtual and physical systems.  The course materials (tutorials and source code) were provided by SNIA and mentors helped attendees develop sample code based on open-source PM found in the Linux Kernel, and other interfaces.

SNIA Launches Persistent Memory Programming Contest – Invitation to Contribute Server Hardware

SNIA Persistent Memory and NVDIMM Special Interest Group is looking for four to six servers to be loaned to the SNIA Technology Center for use in the Persistent Memory Programming Contest.  The contest goal is to drive development of Persistent Memory-aware applications and use cases across a broad range of software developers.  Servers will be needed from April-November 2019 and can be returned once the contest is concluded. Contributors will be highlighted as contest sponsors, included in promotions at worldwide events, and featured in communications on the innovative solutions developed by contestants. Interested?  Contact the SIG at

And, if you have a group of programmers interested in learning about persistent memory development, SNIA would consider coming to you with a Host a Hackathon. We can provide, or even train, mentors to get you started, and show you how to build your own cloud-based development environment.  You’ll get an introduction to coding, and you’ll be left with some great examples to build your own applications.

Questions?  Contact our team at