Persistent Memory Programming Hackathon Program

The Persistent Memory (PM) Programming Hackathon Program developed and sponsored by the SNIA Compute, Memory, and Storage Initiative is designed to help software developers understand the various tiers and modes of PM and what existing methods are available to access them.  Participants leave the Hackathon with a better understanding of how to use existing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to program Persistent Memory, as well as where further research and development might be of benefit.

Besides our current Programming Challenge (see below), stay tuned for exciting new opportunities in the second half of 2020 to program dedicated persistent memory systems.  Bookmark the SNIA ComputeMemory&Storage Blog for news, and subscribe to the SNIA Matters newsletter.

NVDIMM Programming Challenge Extended!

SNIA's Persistent Memory and NVDIMM Special Interest Group has extended the successful NVDIMM Programming Challenge!  Participants get free access to online persistent memory systems using NVDIMM-Ns provided by SIG members AgigA Tech, Intel, SMART Modular, and Supermicro.  It's your chance to showcase your best persistent memory applications or tools!  Contest winners demonstrated their entries at the SNIA Persistent Memory Summit in January 2020 and at other SNIA events!  Read the contest details on the SNIA ComputeMemoryStorage HERE and watch a SNIA webcast featuring the first winning entry.   Don't miss out - email for your entry credentials today! 

Over 300 Software Developers Trained

The course materials (tutorials and source code) are provided by SNIA and mentors helped attendees develop sample code based on open-source PM found in the Linux Kernel, and other interfaces.

At our first PM Programming Tutorial and Hackathon in January 2019, Google Cloud provided access to remote virtual and physical systems. SNIA members SMART Modular, AgigA Tech,  Supermicro, and Intel then installed systems at the SNIA Technology Center in Colorado Springs, CO where NVDIMM Programming Challenge members accessed NVDIMM-N based systems.    Later this year, we will expand resources and curriculum, so  bookmark this page for the latest information, sign up for the monthly SNIA Matters Newsletter, and learn more on the SNIA ComputeMemory&Storage blog.

We thank the over 300 software developers who have participated in successful Hackathon events at the SNIA Persistent Memory Summits, the Non-Volatile Memory Workshop at University of California San Diego, the Global Data and Storage Summit in Xian China, Flash Memory Summit, and the SNIA Storage Developer Conference.

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