SNIA Security

General Position on Security

Vision (SNIA desired future state)

The security vision of the SNIA is to enhance information assurance, optimize security investments while maintaining present operational effectiveness in the disparate technologies and standards that work together to form today's storage ecosystems

Mission (what SNIA is trying to achieve)

The security mission of the SNIA is to produce high quality educational, technical and engineering collateral that influences the design, use, and management of storage networking technology to better protect and secure information.

This may include participation in standards development, educational seminars, best practice documents, conferences, videos, and other activities to advance the SNIA security vision

For more information on what SNIA is doing in Storage Security, visit:

Security Technical Work Group (TWG) - Learn what SNIA is doing to develop technical solutions to secure storage networks and protect data
SNIA Security Tutorials - View SNIA's library of vendor-neutral tutorials on Security

In addition to the above security vision and mission, SNIA established the following security goals/objectives:

Goal #1– Assist the SNIA membership in better understanding Information Assurance and how it applies to the storage ecosystem.

Goal #2– Identify and incorporate prudent security mechanisms in all SNIA technical specifications.

Goal #3– Continue striving to become a recognized expert/authority in data/information security.

It is important to note that this security position is intended to apply SNIA-wide and not just to a particular element of SNIA.