SNIA Draft Technical Work available for Public Review

During the development of technical work, the SNIA may make available a Work-in-Progress DRAFT version for public review & feedback.  Work-in-Progress DRAFTS are not endorsed by the SNIA for commercial shipping product implementation, but rather for review/feedback and prototyping work to ensure the work, when completed, will meet the needs of the Industry.
Work-in-Progress DRAFTS are subject to change. The Work-in-Progress DRAFT  may be updated, replaced, or made obsolete at any time. Some of the Intellectual Property protections for users of SNIA software and specifications are not applicable to users of Work-in-Progress DRAFTs.

To provide feedback, please use the SNIA Feedback Portal.


Specification Posted

Computational Storage Architecture and Programming Model v0.3 rev 1


SNIA EmeraldTM Power Efficiency Measurement Specification v4 draft 22


Native NVMe-oF DriveTM Specification Version 1.0k


Swordfish Storage Profiles Bundle v1


Persistent Memory (PM) PTS v1.0 rev 0.02 Preamble

DRAFT CDMI Extensions and Profiles Jul-2016


Computational Storage Architecture and Programming Model v0.3 rev 1

This SNIA document defines recommended behavior for hardware and software that supports Computational Storage.

SNIA Emerald™ Power Efficiency Measurement Specification v4 draft 22

This document describes a standardized method to assess the energy efficiency of commercial storage products in both active and idle states of operation. A taxonomy is defined that classifies storage products in terms of operational profiles and supported features. Test definition and execution rules for measuring the power efficiency of each taxonomy category are described; these include test sequence, test configuration, instrumentation, benchmark driver, IO profiles, measurement interval, and metric stability assessment. Qualitative heuristic tests are defined to verify the existence of several capacity optimization methods. Resulting power efficiency metrics are defined as ratios of idle capacity or active operations during a selected stable measurement interval to the average measured power.

Native NVMe-oFTM Drive Specification Version 1.0k

This document describes the features and functions of a storage device class known as Native NVMe-oF Drives. It includes a taxonomy covering the scope of involved device capabilities.

Swordfish Storage Profiles Bundle v1

This bundle contains all the Swordfish profiles. The Swordfish Core Profiles define the set of features and the corresponding detailed profiles required to implement Swordfish. Swordfish uses advertised Features and corresponding Profile definitions to clearly define what functionality an implementation supports, and to assure interoperability.  For example, the IOPerformance Feature and corresponding profile together specify that when an implementation advertises SNIA.Swordfish.Block.IOPerformance, any instances of Volumes and StoragePools will implement a fully populate IOStatistics object.  

The EnergyStar for Storage Profile formalizes the requirements from the ENERGY STAR Data Center Storage Version 1.1 Updated Program Requirements – April 1, 2019 on storage products.  The profile indicates what properties Swordfish implementations need to support in order to properly instrument EnergyStar reporting capability.  This functionality is intended to support EnergyStar data gathering requirements as part of the EnergyStar certification process.

Persistent Memory Performance Test Specification v1.0 rev 0.02 Preamble

This document is the initial preamble that describes the plan to develop a specification that describes best practices for Persistent Memory Storage Performance Test and sets forth a performance test methodology, PM storage platform set up, test settings, synthetic benchmark workloads, real-world application workloads and test results reporting format. It is intended to provide accurate, repeatable and reliable comparison of Block IO and In-Memory byte addressable test results used in traditional and PM aware applications under various PM Storage configurations.

DRAFT CDMI Extensions and Profiles

The Cloud Storage Technical Work Group is adding new functionality to CDMI by publishing individual extensions the the CDMI standard. These can be implemented as needed in conjunction with a CDMI implementation to add new functionality before the next release of CDMI. As implementation experience is gained and interoperable implementations are tested, these extensions will be made part of the next release of CDMI.

The Cloud Storage TWG will also be publishing profiles of CDMI that scope it down to specific use cases based on different types of clouds.

See the dedicated web page DRAFT CDMI Extensions and Profiles for additional information.