Charles Inches


Company Represented While Actively Involved with the SNIA:

Cornér Banca, First Vice President

Current Company:

Cornér Banca, First Vice President

Years with the SNIA:

8 Years

Committees, Forums, Initiatives, Board Seats Held at the SNIA:

SNIA-Europe: Chair, End User Council

Fondest Memories of the SNIA:

Team spirit that surpasses all competition between different businesses, all aiming and joining forces to achieve a common goal. At all and every occasion!

Unforgettable first European SNW in 2001 in Seville, Spain. Strongly disturbed by the events of September 11th, that brought all the attendees to strongly bind and share also personal emotions. That remain forever also in the professional side of our lives.

Universal (i.e. worldwide) support of my efforts in getting the SNIA-Europe EUC running, in particular setting up the End User Survey with such enormous help and enthusiasm from my fellows from the US. "Esprit-de-corps" lived in real life!

And every single get-together has always left me somewhat personally and professionally richer…

Proudest Moments while Active with the SNIA:

Bringing the End User community and requirements to visibility at the SNW and Academy events (and this occurred many times!). Being invited as a SNIA representative to other storage related events, both SNIA sponsored and not, and receiving appreciation for the activities SNIA was investing in to favor the end-user community. I received many personal messages and thanks for these activities and these were the best returns for the efforts and energy we all together have been putting into pursuing the SNIA mission.

SNIA's Greatest Achievements:

First and foremost I would put the standardization process in act in many of the technology areas encompassing the Storage arena. This is the basis for thinning down the interoperability issue, and although often not seen as a directly influencing process, in the long run the benefits are undoubtible, enabling best-of-breed technology to be put in place with an ideal cost/benefit ratio. Then I believe the education approach, in particular through vendor-agnostic tutorials, is one of the best images of SNIA towards the end-user community, delivering highly professional insight without letting the individual branding influence principles of how technology should be best exploited.