Larry Krantz


Company Represented While Actively Involved with the SNIA:

EMC Corporation, Senior Technologist, Office of the CTO

Current Company:

Contemporary Innovations LLC, Founder and CEO

Years with the SNIA:

Since Inception; Founding Board of Directors Member

Committees, Forums, Initiatives, Board Seats Held at the SNIA:

  • Chairman of the SNIA Board of Directors
  • Board Director from1998 through 2002
  • First Marketing Executive Officer for the SNIA Board of Directors
  • Advocate of SNW partnership with Computerworld and the establishment of the Technology Center in Colorado Springs
  • Founder and Chair of the original Storage Management Initiative (SMI) Forum
  • Chair of the Storage Security Industry Forum
  • Current US Chair of the SNIA International Committee
  • Continued active member in several TWGs and Forums

Fondest Memories of the SNIA:

Wow... that's a tough one... there have been so many:

  • Dedicating many hours with other volunteers defining the vision, mission, and execution for the formation and growth of the SNIA
  • Working with and learning from the original SNIA visionaries and Board of Director members
  • Many hours establishing the SNIA as the recognized authority in storage networking
  • Many public and private appearances articulating the work the organization is involved with and how all of these activities positively impact the IT community at large
  • Expanding the SNIA into an International organization with simultaneous formations in Europe and Japan
  • Establishing "SNIA Recognition" with many conference presentations and meetings
  • The first SNIA conference and partnership with Computerworld, which later became the SNW conferences we all enjoy today
  • Continuing to build and expand SNIA International

Proudest Moments while Active with the SNIA:

  • As Chairman, defining the goal of International expansion for the SNIA and driving the formation of our first Regional Affiliates. The focus and dedication of the volunteers---from both the technical and marketing communities---established the SNIA as a place where volunteers could learn, grow, and achieve, as well as donate their time.
  • Achieving success after several initial attempts to form SNIA Europe. During these early days of Internationalization for the organization I spent many hours traveling between the US, Europe, and Japan meeting with the initial stakeholders and company representatives---not only establishing the organization---but defining the necessary policies, procedures, relationships, and engagements that would be necessary for the various regions.
  • Signing of the original SNW agreement with Computerworld
  • Being elected twice as SNIA Chairman

SNIA's Greatest Achievements:

One of the greatest achievements in the early years was establishing the SNIA as the recognized world-wide authority on storage networking.

This early work by visionaries and volunteers helped set the foundation for SNIA programs that continue to add value in today's global IT environment. SNW, SNIA events, educational programs, tutorials, whitepapers, end user groups, and technical specifications are in high demand resulting in increased requests for establishment of SNIA affiliates throughout the world. Most recently, SNIA Brazil has been added to the expanding ranks of SNIA International, for a total of 8 regions.