Roger T. Reich



Company Represented While Actively Involved with the SNIA:

Over the span of 10 years:

  • Technical Director: Digital Equipment Corporation
  • Technical Director: Compaq Computer
  • Senior Director and Distinguished Engineer: VERITAS Software

Current Company:

President and CEO, Olocity Corporation

Years with the SNIA:

Every day since the first BoD meeting

Committees, Forums, Initiatives, Board Seats Held at the SNIA:

  • Vice Chairman
  • Interim Chairman
  • Founder and Chairman of SMI
  • Founder and first Chairman of the Technology Center Initiative (first called the Interoperability Lab)
  • SNW Launch Committee
  • Chair of the Governance Committee (wrote the first Bylaws and Policies & Procedures)
  • Other roles as the "man behind the curtain"

Fondest Memories of the SNIA:

Early BoD meetings where everyone (independent of company affiliation) was supercharged with the spirit of adding new value and growing the industry.

Proudest Moments while Active with the SNIA:

  • The launch of  SMI
  • The first SNW
  • The launch of the Tech Center

SNIA's Greatest Achievements:

The SNIA’s greatest achievement cannot be measured. It is the existence of an informal trusted multi-vendor community that is compelled to expand the industry through open initiatives. The storage industry is in its extreme infancy – the road ahead for the SNIA is profound and essential.