Laurence Whittaker


Company Represented While Actively Involved with the SNIA:

Hudson's Bay Company, Supervisor Systems Planning and Performance

Current Company:

Hudson's Bay Company, Supervisor Systems Planning and Performance

Years with the SNIA:

7 Years

Committees, Forums, Initiatives, Board Seats Held at the SNIA:


  • Customer Advisory Council 2002
  • SNIA End User Council 2003 - Present
    • Vice Chair - 2003
    • Chair 2004, 2008, 2009
  • SNW "Voice of the User" Track Manager
  • EUC Survey Committee
  • Various projects with SMI, DMF, SSIF, International Committee and others

Fondest Memories of the SNIA:

Most of them revolve around SNW and EUC and all of the great people we've met and worked with over the years. The first time I spent hours in the interop lab talking to all of the engineers. The 100 Year Archive project kickoff in Boston was one of the most interesting discussions I was ever involved with. The Town Hall Meetings, the Voice of the User. The crazy sun glasses we handed out in Phoenix. The hospitality suite crawls. The Glass Cactus in Dallas.

Proudest Moments while Active with the SNIA:

All of the EUC "Firsts" - When we first launched End User Council, when we released our first survey, the first Hands On Lab, our new Website Watching other colleagues receive recognition for their work and contribution.

SNIA's Greatest Achievements:

There are so many, but to my mind the most important will continue to revolve around the development, promotion and adoption of technology standards, improved interoperability, and best management practices.