SMI-S Conformant Provider Software


SMI-S Conforming Provider Companies

Congratulations!  The following companies have successfully completed testing using the Storage Networking Industry Association's SMI-Provider test.  The SMI-Provider test validates conformance to the Storage Management Initiative Specification also known as the SMI-S.

This page shows the companies that have tested against the SMI-Provider Test at a version which tests the Storage Management Initiative Specification versions 1.5.0, 1.6.0, 1.6.1 and 1.8.0.

Click on the hyperlink to either version 1.5.0, 1.6.0, 1.6.1 or 1.8.0 to see the results of testing for the company with respect to the most recent set of tests offered by the SNIA's Conformance Testing Program.  Click on the Archive link to be taken to the archive page which will direct you to test results which are older than version 1.5.0 of SMI-S.


Tested SMI-S Versions

Click on the version of the test to go to the first test for the company for that version.

Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. 1.5.0.   Archive
Cisco Systems Archive
Dell Inc. (previoulsy Dell Computer) 1.6.1,   1.6.0,    1.5.0,    Archive
Dell Inc. (previously EMC) 1.6.1,   1.6.0,    1.5.0,    Archive
Fujitsu Limited 1.6.1,     1.6.0,     Archive
Hewlett Packard Enterprise 1.6.1,   1.6.0,    1.5.0,    Archive
Hitachi 1.6.1,   1.6.0,    1.5.0,    Archive
Hitachi Limited 1.6.1,   1.6.0,    1.5.0,    Archive
Huawei 1.6.1,    1.6.0,    1.5.0
IBM 1.6.1,   1.6.0,     Archive
Inspur 1.6.1
NEC Corporation Archive
NetApp 1.6.1,   1.6.0,    1.5.0,    Archive
Oracle Corporation Archive
PMC-Sierra Archive
Pure Storage 1.6.0
Quantum Archive
Seagate 1.5.0


The following companies have been acquired by or merged with another company and did test using the SMI-Provider test.  These companies are being shown to preserve the history of their testing.  We have referenced the company that is known to be the final owner of the original company so that you may refer to them for questions.


3PAR - See Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Archive
ADIC - See Quantum Archive
CNT - See Brocade Communications Systems, Inc Archive
Compellent - See Dell Inc. Archive
Dell Computer - See Dell Inc. Archive
EMC - See Dell Inc. Archive
Dot Hill - See Seagate 1.5.0
Emulex - See Broadcom Archive
LSI Corporation, Engenio Storage Group - See NetApp 1.4.0,    Archive
McDATA - See Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. Archive
Pillar Data System - See Oracle Corporation Archive
QLogic - See Brocade Communications Systems, Inc Archive
Silicon Graphics - See Hewlett Packard Enterprise Archive
StorageTek - See Oracle Corporation Archive
Sun Microsystems , Inc- See Oracle Corporation Archive
Xyratex - See Seagate Archive