Advanced Data Reduction Concepts (2012)

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Monday, April 2, 2012
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The two most prevalent forms of data reduction, compression and deduplication, have become increasingly widespread in many types and tiers of data storage. This tutorial assumes a basic understanding of compression and deduplication and covers advanced topics that attendees will find helpful in understanding today’s expanded applications of these technologies. Topics will include:

• Trends in vendor data reduction design
• Integration of data compression and deduplication
• Practical techniques for compression and deduplication of primary storage
• Applying data reduction to continuous data protection (CDP)
• Using data reduction to reduce storage network traffic
• Pervasive deduplication across storage tiers
• Deduplication implications with storage array cache and SSD’s

Learning Objectives

Attendees should have a clear understanding of current data reduction design trends and its application to new areas.
Attendees will have the ability to discern between various deduplication design approaches, including each one’s strengths
Attendees will recognize where compression and/or deduplication may and may not fit in their storage environment in order to facilitate future planning