A CISO's View of the Storage Ecosystem

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Monday, April 6, 2009
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Many organizations face the task of implementing data protection and data security measures to meet a wide range of compliance requirements. Heading that charge is the CISO and other security professionals, who are responsible for protecting information at rest, in transit, and when threatened intentionally or not. Until recently the CISO, as well as security professionals, have had limited interaction with the storage layer. However, this trend is changing rapidly. The CISO and the security organization are now expanding their purview and placing increased scrutiny on the storage ecosystem. The scrutiny comes in the form of traditional and non-traditional security controls and requirements. In order for organizations to be successful, security and storage professionals must partner in order to protect information assets from current and emerging threats.

Learning Objectives

Insight into what drives the CISOs and their view of the Storage Ecosystem
Understand how security professionals measure the storage layer and combat risk and threat
Practical tips on how the CISO and the Storage Team can peacefully co-exist and partner