IEEE(TM) 2883 - Sanitization of Storage

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Wednesday, May 11, 2022
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IEEE(TM) 2883 "Draft Standard for Sanitizing Storage" is a new security standard that is nearing publication. It is a companion standard to a new revision of ISO/IEC 27040-2015 "Information technology ─ Security techniques — Storage Security". 

ISO/IEC 27040 gives requirements and guidance for storage security and defines the Clear, Purge, and Destruct sanitization methods. IEEE 2883 contains media-specific and interface-specific requirements and guidance for implementing those Clear, Purge, and Destruct methods.

IEEE 2883 describes storage sanitization technologies that were not described in ISO/IEC 27040-2015 and in NIST SP800-88R1 (e.g., NVMe CMB and HMB, NVMe Sanitize command, TCG methods, higher density HDD HAMR technology). IEEE 2883 also obsoletes the shred and pulverize methods of the Destruct sanitization method. Strong warnings are added for using degaussing method of Destruct. 

IEEE 2883 effectively makes NIST SP800-88R1 obsolete.

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