An Inside Look at Imminent Key Management Standards

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010
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This session provides storage managers and planners an inside look at the expected timing of publishing emerging key management standards, as well as the direction that these standards have taken and the technologies they use. Attendees will learn about existing standards, including OASIS KMIP and IEEE P1619.3, and the implications of the minimum requirements for compliance with each. For example, the first draft of OASIS KMIP provides a good basic set of key management objects and operations, but leaves out some of the trickier aspects, such as enrollment and discovery. IEEE P1619.3 intends to augment OASIS KMIP by adding support for these features, among others. In conclusion, this tutorial will provide storage planners with an ability to understand what they might expect of key management solutions in the future as well as provide food for thought as they implement key management solutions today.

Learning Objectives

• Discover the background of existing key management standards, including OASIS KMIP and IEEE P1619.3
• Learn the enabling technologies behind these key management standards
• Apply these standards to integration with existing systems or creation of new systems