iSCSI: A Loss-less Ethernet Fabric With DCB

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Monday, October 11, 2010
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A look at different storage technologies and a brief look at each; benefits/tradeoffs, making the case for a SAN. Then looking at making your SAN a lossless, high-performance, predictable, resource for your business. Well look at the iSCSI and TCP/IP stack and how the new DCB protocol interacts with Ethernet. And lastly, I'll present some findings of using these technologies.

Learning Objectives

A comparison between three storage models; iSCSI, FC, and FCoE. Comparing all three to the OSI model. A discussion of the requirements for each layer of the networking stack.
A look at the benefits that DCB can provide iSCSI, as a lossless Ethernet fabric. A review of performance and contention issues.