iSCSI SANs: Ideal Applications, Large and Small

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Thursday, April 15, 2010
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Current IT trends in technologies such as server virtualization, are offering additional reasons to deploy shared storage. Yet, nearly 50% of the storage deployed is still DAS. This presentation will outline reasons to move to shared storage and will focus on how iSCSI offers an ideal solution for SANs both large and small. IP SANs with iSCSI offer a number of advantages to organizations including flexibility, lower cost, and simplified management. Many applications are ideally suited for iSCSI including, server virtualization, infrastructure applications, storage consolidation, and business applications.

Learning Objectives

• Why iSCSI - What is iSCSI and why it the fastest growing network storage protocol on the market?
• Which applications are well suited for IP SANs and why.
• What are the key features and value proposition of iSCSI, including comparisons to DAS.