New Consistent Hashing Algorithms for Data Storage

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Monday, September 21, 2015
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Consistent Hashing provides a mechanism through which independent actors in a distributed system can reach an agreement about where a resource is, who is responsible for its access or storage, and even derive deterministically a prioritized list of fall-backs should the primary location be down. Moreover, consistent hashing allows aspects of the system to change dynamically while minimizing disruptions. We've recently developed a new consistent hashing algorithm, which we call the Weighted Rendezvous Hash. Its primary advantage is that it obtains provably minimum disruption during changes to a data storage system. This presentation will introduce this algorithm for the first time, and consider several of its applications.

Learning Objectives

What is Consistent Hashing
Traditional applications of consistent hashing
The implementation of the new algorithm: Weighted Rendezvous Hash
Why Weighted Rendezvous Hash is more efficient than previous algorithms
Applications of Weighted Rendezvous Hash in data storage systems