A Primer on GPUDirect Storage

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Wednesday, September 29, 2021
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Extreme Compute needs Extreme IO. The convergence of HPC and AI are using GPUs in wider range of applications than ever before on multitude of platforms ranging from edge devices, commodity hardware to high performance supercomputers. Larger datasets enable more accurate AI models which gathers deeper information enabling enterprises to collect more and more data. This virtuous cycle is enabling the explosive demands in processing larger amounts of data and the need to reduce IO bottlenecks is greater than ever. With a strong and growing ecosystem and 1.0 GA release, GPUDirect Storage brings in a wealth of capabilities to traditional HPC applications, applications sitting at the convergence of HPC and AI and data analytics ubiquitiously. In this session, we will talk about what's new in this GA release, what value GDS brings to customers and how storage partners are helping NVIDIA grow the ecosystem and developer community.

  • GPUDirect Storage and its ecosystem
  • Application performance advantages with GPUDirect Storage
  • How GPUDirect Storage solutions benefit across multiple intra and inter node communication architectures

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