SRM: Can You Get What You Want?

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Monday, October 12, 2009
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Storage resource management tools are now maturing and becoming more of a “must have” capability. However, a broad range of products, each with many different options now confront the potential buyer. Therefore, using the Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP) processes to differentiate the vendors and their offerings is highly recommended. This tutorial starts with some RFP basics, then moves to a discussion of the important things to look for in storage management applications. It will also include an elucidation of the various standards at play including SMI-S.

Learning Objectives:

Introduction to Storage Management
Help! My User Base Eats Storage for Lunch
Server and Storage Consolidation With iSCSI Arrays
Consumer & SOHO Storage: Small Boxes in a Massive Market
Ideal Application for IP SANs
Exchange Performance 101
SRM: Can You Get What You Want?
Review basics of managing a storage environment and how SMI-S fits with providing better management
Describe approaches that can be taken and define the goals and objectives that will help you achieve improved management of your storage infrastructure
Tie storage management to enterprise management, including automation, service management and links to your enterprise management solutions
An update on the latest options, features and benefits of iSCSI SAN storage solutions
Configurations and best practices for iSCSI-based storage consolidation solution, both alone and in conjunction with server consolidation and virtual server environments
Review of real-world case studies, focusing on the IT value delivered by the technology
To survey the growing market for home/consumer storage, and understand the drivers for continue growth in this market
To understand what technologies are being implemented in this area, and look at future developments and technologies will exist in the "HAN" (Home Area Network), including commerce, e-government, entertainment, security, and energy management
To expand the perception that SNIA is only a "big iron" trade association, and to stimulate the entrance of consumer storage companies into the SNIA and SNW
Why iSCSI - What is iSCSI and why it the fastest growing network storage protocol on the market?
Which applications are well suited for IP SANs and why
What are the key features and value proposition of iSCSI
We may review some of the draw backs and relative position to the emerging FCoE
Understand Exchange storage performance and how to tune storage to maximize Exchange user and data center experience
Examine reported Exchange storage performance reports and explain how storage was configured to support that level of performance
We will at least examine three ESRP reports for unnamed vendors to do this
Learn what SRM software now offers
Learn who to write an RFP that is responsive to your SRM requirements
Learn the standards relevant to SRM, primarily SMIS