Storage with embedded cybersecurity to truly protect data

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Wednesday, May 11, 2022
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Software-based security solutions are consistently bypassed resulting in data breaches. Emerging storage solutions with embedded cybersecurity are being developed to consistently and effectively protect data from all known physical and remote data breach and ransomware attacks. During this session we will review enhancements in storage that embed cyber security protections, such as: 

  • dedicated security microprocessor with storage-based data access pattern machine learning that detects and automatically prevents ransomware, cloning, wiping, etc. attempts
  • integrated data destruction verification 
  • range locking and protection of data making data unreadable at the sector level and accessible by advanced data recovery attempts including chip off
  • secure storage of data access logs that cannot be wiped
  • disconnect detection and response
  • movement detection and response based using an accelerometer on the storage itself

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