Technologies for Green Storage (2009)

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Monday, October 12, 2009
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Focus Areas:

Hardware efficiencies are essential to reducing the amount of power used by storage. Equally real savings are obtained by reducing the number of copies of your data that must be made, kept and managed. This talk presents a number of technologies, ranging from thin provisioning and virtualization to flywheel UPSs, that each address part of the problem, and illustrates the impact that each technology can have on your data center footprint. This talk incorporates new learning by the GSI and Green TWG in 2009.

Learning Objectives:

Learn about facilities- and networking-side technologies that can dramatically reduce the energy footprint of your data center. Examples include fresh air economizers, hot aisle/cold aisle technologies and-surprisingly-spam filtering
Learn about power-saving technologies under development and in the product pipeline from storage manufacturers, such as variable speed fans and 80+ power supplies.
Learn about capacity-saving technologies that can reduce the power, space and cooling footprint of your data, such as thin provisioning and deduplication