Solid State Storage System Technical Work Group

The Solid State Storage System (S4) TWG was created for the purpose of addressing the unique performance behavior of solid state storage systems. The TWG creates specifications which provide guidance to accurately measure the performance of enterprise arrays as oppose to devices. These specifications are vendor agnostic and support all the solid state storage system technologies of member companies. The S4 TWG:

  • Acts as the primary technical entity for the SNIA to identify, develop, and coordinate system performance standards for solid state storage systems
  • Produces a comprehensive set of specifications and drives consistency of measurement guidelines and messages related to solid state storage systems
  • Documents system–level requirements and shares these with other performance standards organizations under the guidance of the SNIA Technical Council and in cooperation with the SNIA Strategic Alliances Committee

One objective of this TWG is communicating the need for accurately measuring the performance of solid state storage systems and its unique behavior. By aggregating the goals of SNIA members, we hope to get solid state storage array vendors in agreement on how to accurately measure performance of this technology. This is expected to accelerate the availability of a broad range of solid state storage array solutions to customers.

How to Join

If you are a SNIA Member go to the Solid State Storage System home page in the Members area and click on the “Join” link

If you are not a SNIA Member please consider joining so that you can participate in this exciting new work. Additional information on SNIA Membership is available