Webcast - Advanced Deduplication Practices

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About the Presenters

Devin Hamilton is a Principal Systems Engineer with Data Domain and has provided expertise and services in and around data storage for over 14 years. With a focus on data protection including replication for disaster recovery, deduplication of data, backup to disk, bandwidth optimization, and interoperability, Devin has engineered various storage solutions for every size business environment. Representing SNIA, Devin is excited to share both new technology concepts as well as his knowledge about recent active solutions for data protection.

Gideon Senderov has over 17 years of experience within the storage industry in product management and engineering. As director of product management & technical marketing of the Advanced Storage Products Group at NEC Corporation of America, Gideon is responsible for the product management and technical marketing of NEC’s revolutionary HYDRAstor grid storage platform.

Mike Dutch, Senior Technologist with EMC, and Co-Chair of the SNIA DMF Data Deduplication and Space Reduction Special Interest Group (DDSR SIG) is pleased to moderate this webcast.

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Title: Advanced Deduplication Practices

Date: Recorded on June 19, 2009

Devin Hamilton,
Principal Systems Engineer, Data Domain
Gideon Senderov,
Director of Product Management
NEC Corporation of America

Duration: 60 minutes

This is the second in a series of DMF webcasts featuring the benefits and best practices of Data Deduplication and Space Reduction technologies.

This webcast will focus on the use of deduplication to improve storage efficiency. We will present use cases that illustrate how deduplication can improve data protection, preservation and retention practices in the data center.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand tradeoffs between various data deduplicaton technologies
  • Pinpoint areas where data deduplication can be used to lower costs and satisfy service levels in your environment
  • Identify new opportunities to deploy data deduplication (some might surprise you!)

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