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The Data Management Forum is pleased to provide series of educational webcasts on a variety of topics.  You are welcome to participate when we deliver the material live, or view the recording on-demand at your convenience.

DMF Webcast Available On-demand
Topic Database Archiving Fundamentals
In this webcast, Jack will discuss the popular trends, challenges and best practices surrounding Database archiving, and as a bonus, he will unravel some of the myths in this area!

We will begin with a definition of database archiving contrasted against other forms of data archiving.  Long-term retention periods create additional challenges with large databases and we will discuss how database archiving can be implemented to address these challenges.

A primary business case for database archiving will be provided, along with how issues such as discontinued applications or legacy application renovation projects can be solved with database archiving. An analysis of the requirements that any database archiving solution should address will also be provided.

Date delivered Monday March 9 2009 - 1pm ET / 10am PT
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Hosted by
Gary Zasman
Chair, DMF Long-term Archive and Compliance Storage Initiative
Practice Director – Business Applications and Database Integration, NetApp

Gary is also leading the creation of a new Database Information Management Special Interest Group (DIM SIG) dedicated to promoting best practices and market education for database issues such as archive, capacity optimization, and production and test data management. This new SIG is pleased to sponsor Mr. Olson for this webcast.

Jack Olson
President and Founder, SvalTech
Presenter Biography

Jack Olson has worked in the commercial software development business for 40 years.  His career has mostly consisted of architecting solutions to IT problems in the area of database systems and tools.

 He spent 17 years in IBM development labs working on such notable products as CICS, IMS, DB2, and AIX.   He worked at BMC software as Corporate Architect, as Vice President of Development at Peregrine Systems, and as Chief Technology Officer for Evoke Software and NEON Enterprise Software. 
He has worked with several other startup companies in recent years as a consultant, advisor, or board member. 

Mr. Olson has published two books:  “Data Quality: the Accuracy Dimension” in 2003 and “Database Archiving: How to Keep Lots of Data for a Very Long Time” in 2008.   He has a BS degree in Mathematics from the Illinois Institute of Technology and an MBA from Northwestern University.

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