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Topic Data Deduplication in the Backup World
Deduplication is a popular topic in the industry because of the potential for cost reduction and increased efficiencies.  Implementing any deduplication technology has major implications for scale, performance, and functionality.

This session is the first in a series and will focus on the specifics of data deduplication utilizing backup use cases.  We will include highlights of what happens during data backup, deduplication processing, and restoration of data.

Date Recorded on Thursday December 11, 2008
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Individual Q&A recordings below:

What are the benefits of data deduplication?
Are there any single points of failure that would prevent reconstruction of the information and how are these prevented in a real world deployment?
Can one vendor's product read or reconstruct another vendor's deduped data?
With dedup at the source, what is actually sent over the network if the data is not unique?
What are the pros and cons of using dedup for file systems vs. backup and what technologies are used?
Are there standards for dedup formats?
Do software appliances and hardware appliances need to be from the same vendor?
Is it incorrect to refer to data dedup as a form of data compression?
Will any single point of failure prevent reconstruction or access and how are these issues protected in a real world situation?
What is the typical level of granularity and what does it mean?
Is there a diminishing return from comparing dedup data over time?
Are there efforts to build tools around data that can be deduplicated and profiling tools?
Dedup tools point to specific vendor's tools, which do I believe?
Are there benefits to data replication in combination with dedup?
How do you insure the metadata is synchronized when doing replication or any other process?
Hosted by
Matthew Brisse
Chair, Data Management Forum
Director of Business Development, Quantum
Daniel Budiansky
Co-Chair, DMF Data Deduplication and Space Reduction SIG
Enterprise Applications Technologist for Data Domain

Mike Dutch
Co –Chair, DMF Data Deduplication and Space Reduction SIG
Senior Technologist, EMC

Learning Objectives
  • Understand the differences between various data deduplication methodologies
  • Identify the impact of deduplication on replication and the use of removeable media
  • Correlate data deduplication to the space reduction effects that are achieved

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