Importance of Cyber-Resiliency for next data decade

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Wednesday, May 11, 2022
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While we all focus on digital transformation in new normal, we are also looking at billions of connected devices which give easy access to malicious attacks in the connected environment & can lead to downtime as well as business/revenue loss. During consulting, one of the key areas is to understand what the guidelines for ransomware protection is and how to recover the data in case business-critical data is compromised. Most of the analyst organizations talk about keeping the backup copy offline so that recovery is possible from the offline copy which is not affected by the attack. When we talk about Cyber Security, perimeter security plays a key role and that’s where all the intrusions in the network are identified and isolated. But in modern the era we talk about Zero trust/Zero-day model where we need to look at multiple touchpoints & how we can build a model which is more resilient when perimeter security is compromised.

When we go through various attacks which have happened (and 2020 has seen a drastic increase in the number of attacks), Crowne-jewels to business are either recovered by paying huge ransom OR recovering from data that is not affected by the attack and is good enough for the business to run.

  • Key considerations for a Cyber Resilient Environment
  • Important Guidelines from Global Advisory and Agencies to follow Best practices
  • Evolution of Cyber Threats and Why Disaster Recovery is Not Enough

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