Storage Life on the Edge: Managing Data from the Edge to the Cloud and Back

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Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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Cloud to Edge infrastructures are rapidly growing. It is expected that by 2025, up to 75% of all data generated will be created at the edge. However, Edge is a tricky word and you’ll get a different definition depending on who you ask. The physical edge could be in a factory, retail store, hospital, car, plane, cell tower level, or on your mobile device. The network edge could be a top-of-rack switch, server running host-based networking, or 5G base station.

The Edge means putting servers, storage, and other devices outside the core data center and closer to both the data sources and the users of that data—both edge sources and edge users could be people or machines.

At our first webcast in this series, “Storage Life on the Edge: Managing Data from the Edge to the Cloud and Back” you‘ll learn:

  • Data and compute pressure points: aggregation, near & far Edge
  • Supporting IoT data
  • Analytics and AI considerations
  • Understanding data lifecycle to generate insights
  • Governance, security & privacy overview
  • Managing multiple Edge sites in a unified way

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