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SNIA India is an association of storage and information management vendors, channel partners and end-users who are all interested in promoting the use of storage networking and information management within the IT community of India.

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SDC India 

The SDC India 2021 event platform has now closed. Recorded sessions are now accessible via the SNIAVideo YouTube channel.      

Swordfish Scalable Storage Management API Specification v1.2.3 Open for Public Review

The Swordfish Scalable Storage Management API defines a RESTful interface and a standardized data model to provide a scalable, customer-centric interface for managing storage and related data services.

Smart Data Accelerator Interface (“SDXI”) Specification v0.9.0 rev 1 Open for Public Review

SDXI is an architectural data-mover device for server platforms. It aims to provide a variety of benefits including architectural stability, modularity, virtualization-friendly programming interface, both user and kernel mode support, and new capabilities designed to accelerate virtualized workloads.



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Our areas of focus are well-aligned with both existing and emerging technologies, and with the needs of legacy and of emerging IT infrastructures.
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