About Us

SNIA India is an association of storage and information management vendors, channel partners and end-users who are all interested in promoting the use of storage networking and information management within the IT community of India.

SNIA India is a chapter of the world-wide Storage Networking Industry Association which is headquartered in the United States. Other SNIA chapters exist throughout Western Europe, China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, Canada, Brazil and South Asia. SNIA India is a non-profit association funded by membership subscriptions.

SNIA Corporate Mission Statement

Lead the storage industry worldwide in developing and promoting standards, technologies, and educational services to empower organizations in the management of information.

Vision Statements

  • Be the trusted advisor across all business segments and the recognised authority in storage technologies in support of information management
  • Be the catalyst for the development of information technologies and storage standards
  • Establish a strong international presence to address the needs and requirements of the local storage and information management marketplace
  • Address the storage and information management needs of the new community of consumers and providers created by the increasing trend towards Cloud

SNIA India is supporting this mission in the region by:

  • Expansion of availability of SNIA education
  • Increased awareness of the value of the SNIA certification programme
  • Deliver a diverse event programme to improve access to educational information
  • Promoting the value of membership of SNIA India to all storage professionals
  • Maintaining a technology neutral position that will be fair to all SNIA India members
  • Marketing through SNIA India members to advance the adoption of storage networking and information management in India.

Join the SNIA Community

SNIA has developed a wide range of technology based, vendor neutral educational activities throughout India:

  • SNIA SNCP courses and examinations
  • Conferences delivering SNIA educational tutorial presentations
  • Technical white papers and presentation
  • Reseller briefing programs
  • Standards and best practices information
  • Discussion groups and forums
  • Media briefings and press articles

If you work in data storage you should be part of the community - join today!