Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP)

NDMP is an open standard protocol for network-based backup for network- attached storage. The protocol allows backup and network-attached file server vendors to focus investment on functionality instead of excessive porting, and gives users an unprecedented level of choice and interoperability. The protocol is called Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP). The objective of the protocol is to help address the problem of backing up networks of heterogeneous file servers, including dedicated file servers ("filers"), with any of several backup applications. Prior to the existence of the protocol, backup vendors would port to and track many different platforms and OS releases, with filers presenting a special challenge because of the desire to have them be backup-ready (eliminating the need to specially install backup client software). Dedicated file server vendors tried to make sure that all the newest, most important backup applications were available for their current and new releases.

This network-based backup protocol enables the creation of a "universal agent" for the network- attached file servers to be used by any of the centralized backup administration applications. The filer vendors must only be concerned with maintaining compatibility with one, well-defined protocol. The backup vendors can place their primary focus on the sophisticated central backup administration software.

NOTICE: The NDMP specifications were developed independently of the Storage Networking Industry Association, but are being hosted here as a courtesy for developers and end users. Future development of NDMP is not expected at this time. SNIA has developed SNIA Software for NDMP that is available at: