Join a SNIA Forum or Initiative

SNIA Forums and Initiatives support the technical work of SNIA and focus on:

  • Identifying and documenting customer requirements
  • Prioritizing requirements for work in SNIA technical working groups or other formal standards bodies
  • Educating the IT community
  • Establishing supplier and customer contacts
  • Conducting events and demonstrations
  • Promoting adoption of the technology and educating the IT community through media announcements, blogs, and SNIA BrightTalk webcasts

Organizations can join a Forum or Initiative at the same time they Join SNIA, or add it later at any time.  Membership in SNIA is required to join these technology communities, along with an additional membership fee.

Join Cloud Storage Technologies – Cloud Data Management, Data Services, Orchestration

  • The SNIA Cloud Storage Technologies Initiative (CSTI) is committed to the adoption, growth and standardization of cloud storage and cloud data services. We seek to promote interoperability and portability of data stored in the cloud. Join here.

Join Networking Storage – Next Generation Data Center Infrastructure

  • The SNIA Networking Storage Forum (NSF) is committed to providing vendor-neutral education on the advantages and adoption of storage networking technologies, including block (FC, iSCSI, NVMe-oF), file (SMB, NFS), and object storage, as well as Virtualized and Hyperconverged solutions...and more. Join here.

Join Green Storage – Power Efficiency

  • The SNIA Green Storage Initiative (GSI) is dedicated to advancing energy efficiency and conservation in all networked storage technologies and minimizing the environmental impact of data storage operations. Join here.

Join Solid State Storage – Flash, NVDIMM, Persistent Memory

  • The SNIA Solid State Storage Initiative (SSSI) s dedicated to fostering the acceptance and growth of Solid State Storage (SSS) and Persistent Memory, including new memory technologies, NVDIMM, flash, and SSD performance. Join here.

Join Storage Management – Current and Emerging Storage Management Standards

  • The Storage Management Initiative (SMI) is a SNIA group that unifies the storage industry to develop and standardize interoperable storage management technologies and aggressively promote them to the storage, networking, and end user communities. Join here.

Join SFF Technology Affiliate – Connector, Form Factor, and Transceiver Standards

  • The SFF Technology Affiliate develops technical specifications as SNIA Architecture for storage media, storage networks, and pluggable solutions that complement existing industry standards work that encompass cables, connectors, form factor sizes and housing dimensions, management interfaces, transceiver interfaces, electrical interfaces, and related technologies. A Technology Affiliate member is a restricted voting membership specific to a technology domain, focused on technical specifications and interoperability. A Technology Affiliate member does not need to be a full member of SNIA. Join here.