Presentations for SDC India 2016

2016 SDC India - GUEST SPEAKER Sessions
Cyber Security and Data Privacy Mr Sanjay Sahay, IPS Pending Disks, Data Centres, & Globally Distributed Databases at GoogleRohit Gupta, Google




2016 SDC India - DAY ONE Track A
Tuning an SMB Server implementationMark Rabinovich, Visuality Systems 10,000 Startups Program

Vignesh Sathiyanantham, Vital Labs


Data Migration among cloudsSachin Goswani, TCS
  Gluster Future RoadmapAtin Mukherjee, Red Hat download Arbiter Volumes in GlusterRavishankar N, Red Hat download
10,000 Startups ProgramVidhya Shankar, NASSCOM Caching support from Hypervisor for guest VM's file systemSourish Banerjee, EMC Storage agnostic end to end data collection

Vijay Kumar Shankarappa, IBM


2016 SDC India - DAY ONE Track B
Hyper Convergence - putting it all togetherKarnendu Pattanaik, Mindteck download Programming and usage models for NVMPriya Sehgal, NetApp download Overview of NVMe Management Interface SpecificationKarthik Venkatasubba, Dell download
Comparative study of NVMe implementation and performance in different virtualization modelsMallesh K Lepakshaiah, IBM download   Standardization approach of hyper-converged infrastructure as a cloud serviceChampak Kumar Dutta, Wipro download
    Offloaded Data Transfers (ODX)Amit Anandram Luniya, EMC download
2016 SDC India - DAY TWO Track A
  How scalable is your SMB?Mark Rabinovich, Visuality Systemsdownload How to enable cross functionality testingAnkit Agrawal, TCS download
Efficient data tiering in Gluster FSMohammed Rafi KC, Red Hat download Modern Erasure CodesSrinivasan Narayanamurthy, NetApp download Using Object Storage to store your OpenStack Cinder volume backupsSivaram Ramaprasad Ravipati, Vedams download
Beyond Object Storage: A unified architecture for IoTSasikanth Eda, IBM download    
2016 SDC India - DAY TWO Track B
Intelligent QoS Grid for virtualized workloadsGaurav Gupta, TCS download Technology Advancements in SSD'sSanjeev Kumar, TCS download Leveraging Hybrid and all-flash storageAbhishek Gupta, EMC download
Directory Agnostic ID BrokerManoj Dahal, Microfocus download iSER as an acceleratorTej Parkash, IBM download