2016 Data Storage Innovation Conference Presentations


Big Data
Big Data Essentials For IT ProfessionalsSujee Maniyam Download Scalable and Smart Storage Class Memory Layer for Big DataRobert Geiger Download “Direct-to-Cloud” Technology Innovations that Open Up the Cloud for Big Data AppJay Migliaccio Download
Open Source Memory Speed Virtual Distrubuted StorageHaoyuan Li Download*    

Capacity Optimization
Advanced Data Reduction ConceptsRonald Pagani Jr. Download How to Reduce Data Capacity in Object Storage: Dedup and MoreDong In Shin Download*  

Beyond the Cloud: Space-based Data StorageScott Sobhani Download Plotting Your Data Exit Before Entering the Private CloudFredrik Forslund Download Storage in Combined Service/Product Data InfrastructuresCraig Dunwoody Download
Dealing with the “Other” Latency: What the Cloud Portends for IT InfrastructureLazarus Vekiarides Download Why Analytics on Cloud Storage?Padmavathy Madhusudhanan
Radhakrishna Singuru
Introduction to OpenStack CinderSean McGinnis Download
Deploying and Optimizing for Cloud Storage Systems using Swift SimulatorGen Xu Download Swift Use Cases with SwiftStackJohn Dickinson Download Storage in Combined Service/Product Data InfrastructuresCraig Dunwoody Download
Cloud BurstingJim Thompson Download Imminent Challenges for the Cloud Storage Industry and the SolutionMark Carlson
Udayan Singh

Efficient and Agile Persistent Storage for ContainersCarlos Carrero
Chad Ryan Thibodeau

Data Management
5 Ways to Convince Your CEO It’s Time for a Storage RefreshDavid Siles Download The Role of Tape Technology in Managing the Exponential Growth of Cold DataOsamu Shimizu Download Embrace Hyper-scale Storage Architecture to Drastically Increase Reliability and Lower Costs Sudhakar Mungamoori Download

Data Protection
Intro to Data Protection-Backup to Tape, Disk & BeyondTom Sas Download Trends in Backup and Restoration TechnologiesJason Iehl Download Protecting Data in a Big Data World David A. Chapa Download
Privacy vs Data Protection: The Impact of EU Data Protection LegislationThomas Rivera Download    

Distributed Storage
Maximizing Storage Density While Conserving Valuable Rack Real EstateChaz Stevens Download Identifying Performance Bottlenecks with Real-World Applications and Flash-Based StorageDennis Martin Download High Availability for Centralized NVMeZivan Ori Download*

Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) – Data Management Techniques ExaminedModerator:
Tom Coughlin

Jorge Campello
Mark Carlson
Josh Bingaman

Windows Interoperability WorkshopChristopher Hertel Download Object Drives: Simplifying the Storage StackMark Carlson Download

File Systems
Massively Scalable File StoragePhilippe Nicolas Download The Tip of the Iceberg: The Coming Era of Open Source Enterprise StorageMichael Dexter Download Ceph For The EnterpriseDavid Byte Download
High Performance Storage for Science WorkloadsUlrich Fuchs Download MarFS: A Scalable Near-POSIX File System over Cloud ObjectsGary Grider Download High Performance NAS, New design for New IT ChallengesPierre Evenou
Philippe Nicolas

Green Storage
Power-Efficient Data StorageBrian Zahnstecher Download* Storage Systems Can Now Get ENERGY STAR Labels and Why You Should CareDennis Martin Download*  

Hot Topics
New Fresh Storage Approach for New IT ChallengesLaurent Denel
Philippe Nicolas
Are You Ready to Deploy In-memory Computing Applications?Shaun Walsh Download Machine Learning Based Prescriptive Analytics for Data Center NetworksHariharan Krishnaswamy Download

Hyperconverged Infrastructures – What They Can Do and Where They’re Going Eric Slack Download Bringing the Benefits of Hyperconvergence to Secondary StorageNick Howell Download Selecting Workloads for Hyperconverged vs Hyperscale Software-Defined StorageEric Carter Download
Hyperconverged Infrastructure – Use Cases and Buyer’s GuideIbrahim Rahmani Download    

Innovation Showcase
Scale-out Searchable Storage for the Cloud AgeTony Barbagallo Download Stress-free Backup StorageBob Pothier Download Digital Transformation: Are You Ready?Kelvin Chowe Download
Is This 'The ONE'?David Byte Download Introduction to Compuverde – Software Defined StorageStefan Bernbo Download  

Key Note Speakers and General Sessions
Storage Implications of Cognitive ComputingBalint Fleischer
Jian Li
Achieving a Software Defined Cognitive Infrastructure for Oceans of DataMichelle Tidwell Download Enterprise Architectures – the Pace AcceleratesCamberley Bates Download
A DNA-based Archival Storage SystemLuis Henrique Ceze Download Preparing Applications for Persistent MemoryDoug Voigt Download* Today’s Big Changes Are Just The Tip of the IcebergJim Handy Pending
Panel: Cloud Computing and Storage, Will Enterprises be All-in and When?Moderator: Mark Carlson

Panelists: Scott Sobhani
Fredrik Forslund
Craig Dunwoody
Laz Vekiarides
Padmavathy Madhusudhanan

Panel: Solid State Storage, Persistent Memory - Harvesting the Wheat from the ChaffModerator: Wayne M. Adams

Panelists: Jim Handy
Peter Murray
Doug Voigt
Mat Young


SAS: Today’s Fast and Flexible Storage Fabric Rick Kutcipal Download Under the Hood with NVMe over FabricsJ Metz Download  

Intro to Encryption and Key Management: Why, What and Where?Eric Hibbard Download Multi-Vendor Key Management with KMIPTim Hudson Download Implementing Stored-Data EncryptionMichael Willett Download
Self-Encrypting Storage for ConsumersRobert Thibadeau Download Deploying Simple Secure Storage SystemsChris Allo Download  

Software Defined Storage
Storage on Your Terms: Deep Dive Into Software-Defined Storage TechnologiesMichael Letschin Download Storage Virtualization in Modern Data CentersFarid Yavari Download* SDS in Practice at Mission Community HospitalIbrahim Rahmani Download

Solid State Storage
An Examination of User Workloads for SSDsEden Kim Download Increasing SSD Performance and Lifetime with Multi-stream TechnologyChangho Choi Download  

Storage Class Memory
Planning for Persistent Memory in the Data CenterSarah Jelinek Download Prescriptive Analytics in the NVM TechnologyOlga Buchonina Download Emerging Non Volatile Memory and Spin LogicEdward Grochowski
Jim Handy

Storage Management
Introduction to Swordfish: Scalable Storage ManagementRichelle Ahlvers Download Best Practices for Enterprise-Wide Data Protection and ComplianceKurt Kuckein Download  

Storage Networks
Benefits of 25, 40 and 50GbE Networks for Ceph and Hyperconverged InfrastructureJohn Kim Download Networking Flash Storage? – Fibre Channel was Always the AnswerMark Jones Download Demonstrating NVMe Over Fabrics Performance on Ethernet FabricsRob Davis Download
Application Advantages of NVMe over Fabrics – RDMA and Fibre ChannelBrandon Hoff Download Breaking the limitations of captive NVMe storage – 18M IOPs in 2uBob Hansen Download  

Storage Performance
Learn Your Alphabet - SRIOV, NPIV, RoCE, iWARP - to Pump Up Virtual Infrastructure PerformanceDennis Martin Download Workload Acquisition for the Enterprise Data CenterPeter Murray Download Delivering Predictable Storage Performance in a Virtualized EnvironmentVince LaPaglia Download
100G iSCSI — A Bright Future for Ethernet Storage Tom Reu Download    

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